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About Artecoop |

About Artecoop

What is Artecoop?

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Artecoop is founded upon the recognition of the need for a new kind of organization. An organization which can effectively provide the access to, and orchestration of, the truly innovative experts, models and technologies necessary for building a sustainable human culture.

This vision is broad, yet the steps Artecoop takes are practical and timely. Through effecting positively the everyday world in which people live, Artecoop directs the intelligent engineering of culture, and expedites the transition toward a global ecological sustainability. Our work is deemed successful when the innovative projects we implement become regarded as matter-of-fact, when the intelligent and sustainable solution becomes the status quo.

Artecoop accomplishes its role by bringing together, in one place, the best of the next-generation solutions that the world has to offer, and the specialized consultants and designers who know how to implement them. Artecoop offers this orchestration, design, and consultation suite on a commission basis for its clients in many fields, and with a diverse portfolio of projects.

Through developing the market, and by bringing projects and resources to the committed developers of sustainable innovations, Artecoop aims to make it economical and viable to get these positive solutions on the ground as rapidly, efficiently and widely as possible. Artecoop understands what is needed to effect positive change; make the truly intelligent choice the easy and obvious one.
Artecoop aims to provide on a global scale, the next-generation of resources, models and technologies. By next-generation, we mean in harmony with the real needs of life. It is a simple truth that what is familiar and accessible will likely be chosen over that which is new and a challenge to find. For this, Artecoop has already done the work of seeking out and developing a full suite of life-positive solutions. We make their implementation a reality. Artecoop finally makes the intelligent choice the easy choice.

Artecoop stands for art+technology+ecology+cooperation. We have determined that these elements must work together for sustainable growth. The momentum of current culture has been dominated by a non-cooperation between these elements. This has produced notable results, results which now must be rectified.

In order to coordinate the tasks ahead, and expedite their fulfillment, Artecoop has assembled an ever-growing team of project consultants, developers, media artists, marketeers, designers, architects, experts and sustainable technology providers. With a seamless orchestration of diverse elements, what was once considered unrealistic is now possible. Solid implementation of inspiring sustainable solutions is the business of Artecoop.

  • Art : The human expression of its connection to life.
  • Technology : Tools which we create to make our life more comfortable.
  • Ecology : Sensitivity to that which sustains our life.
  • Cooperation : Recognition that no one element can accomplish a great aim alone.

The active dialogue among these elements ensures life-positive development. We have seen this work, and know how to make it work. Digg Facebook Technorati Google StumbleUpon