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Elements of Power |

Elements of Power

The Aesthetics of the New Energy Economy

An immersive experience in art, technology, and human ecology.

Elements of Power

Elements of Power is a sensory depiction of man’s evolving relationship with nature, the alchemy of energy, and the power of art driving the science of a global transition. It challenges existing notions of sustainability and makes the case for a whole systems approach in which art and culture bridge the gap between technology and ecology

Fostering a deeper understanding of progressive solutions to pressing environmental, energy and economic issues, it is an internationally-relevant travelling exhibition that unveils the existing contours and emerging aesthetics of the new energy economy.

Man & Nature Synthesized

The exhibition defines five developmental stages of man’s relationship with nature, and marks the point where humans exist as an integral function of the natural environment.

  1. Nature presents itself
  2. Man learns from nature
  3. Man transforms nature
  4. Nature evaluates man’s transformation
  5. Man and nature synthesized

The route to man’s synthesis is demonstrated through five sensory installations; earth, air, water, fire and space. Visitors will experience the abundance of power that surrounds them and explore tools and methods to harness energy efficiently, and aesthetically.

Energy in the built environment

Examples of art, architecture, industrial design, urban planning, environmental engineering, and whole systems design will reveal the transition from centralised models of energy generation to optimised, distributive and micro-generation within the built environment.

Elements of Power showcases the feasible, the visionary, the real and the fantastic; creating an exciting landscape, rich in vistas of attainable, imaginary, and futuristic notions that will jointly constitute the Aesthetics of the New Energy Economy.

Exhibition elements

The visitor’s journey through this elemental landscape will be charted by competition panels and scale models by architects, objects and display items by inventors, industrial designers and artists, with examples of functioning energy technologies alongside digital media displays and interactive installations.

Community pathways: Vision of the future

A dedicated web platform will prompt the local community to submit their ‘visions of the future’ in the form of text and images that will feature on dedicated digital displays throughout the exhibition space.

The accompanying symposium, design challenge, and children’s workshop will provide further community pathways for participation in the event.


Opportunities to sponsor the exhibit, accompanying Symposium and Design Challenge are available. Please contact the Elements of Power organising committee for more information:

Bobbi Dunphy
COO, Artecoop US Division
tel: + 1 707 294 8227

About Artecoop

Artecoop is an acronym for art, technology, ecology and cooperation. Founded upon the recognition of the need for a new kind of organisation, Artecoop provides access to and orchestration of, truly innovative expertise, models and technologies for implementing intelligent human culture.

The philosophy that underpins Artecoop, promotes the use of our creative inspiration; our art. Our resources, tools, and ingenuity; our technology. Our knowledge of and reverence for the systems of life; our ecology. And our recognition of a global community, pursuing a common aim; our cooperation. Digg Facebook Technorati Google StumbleUpon