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Daniel Lipschits . Artecoop |

Daniel Lipschits

Location : Italy + Brazil

Daniel Lipschits : DLA

Founder and Chief Executive Officer for Artecoop.

Daniel has a distinguished career in the fields of culture, the performing arts, visual arts and architecture. He crossed being a creative artist with being a producer, fundraiser, networker and lobbyist for innovative projects and productions.

Founder, president and CEO of the Homunculus Foundation for borders-crossing cultural project management, and it’s operational leg Millennium Productions, Daniel took on an impressive number of truly international, exciting and diverse projects from 1989 through 2000.

He conceived, produced, directed, managed and designed scores of performing arts productions, cultural exchange projects, social awareness campaigns and more. Among his commissioners were UNESCO, The Council of Europe, The Anne Frank House as well as the Dutch, Swiss, Israeli and Hungarian governments.

From 2000 onwards, his career in architecture spanned from working with star-architect Daniel Libeskind, to working with technological pioneer Moshe Zwarts of Amsterdam’s Zarts & Jansma, to collaborating with the Swiss based neo-dadaist Tristan Kobler of Holzer Kobler Architekturen, before venturing into the field of eco-sustainable architecture and whole-systems design.

His oeuvre ranges from designing components of Central Europe’s largest wellness center & shopping mall ‘Westside’ in Bern, Switzerland, to a holistic retrofit of one of Bologna’s smallest apartments.

In 2005, inspired by his first visit to South America, Daniel conceived the Artecoop platform and vision, which he subsequently founded in Switzerland with his long-time business partner and pioneering comrade David Carry.

As an exhibition designer, Daniel won contracts as a designer-in chief with weighty projects such as Beit-ha-Tfutsot / The Museum of the Jewish People, The Tel Aviv City Museum, and the Exploratorium of the Jewish People at the Western Wall.

Today Daniel is directing a number of international programs and projects, forwarding the integration of cultural engineering, and the design of distributive utility infrastructure in the built environment.

“Artecoop allows for the creation of whole systems on a project basis, interlinking cultural engineering, visionary projects and next-generation design(s) with a degree of diversity and complexity that constitutes a truthful representation of the elements at play in the global transformation arena.”

Daniel Lipschits. Artecoop Luncheon, Spiez, Switzerland.2006
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